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  • The latest activity relating to your ads and offers will appear on the My Ads & Profile page. Go to My Ads & Profile
  • List your art here, or find an artist for your project. Placing a new ad is fast, easy and free. Place an Ad


Do I have to be join to respond to an ad?
  • You can view any of the active ads and respond to them without joining.
I have an art collection can I sell it here?
Will you sell or make available any of my personal information?
  • NO. We will never sell your personal information, please see our Privacy Policies page.
The category I want isn't listed!?!
  • If you want a new category that isn't listed on the site, contact the site administrator  we would be happy to add more
How long can I list something?
  • Until it sells, or you get tired of listing it. It is now set up so that you can list for up to 365 days before it becomes inactive. Then you can list it again.
If I delete an Art work, is it really deleted, or is it still in the database somewhere?
  • If you delete an ad, it is deleted. If an ad is inactive it is still there so you can relist it if you choose.
I am trying to sell my prints on here, but worried about people stealing them. How safe is my work?
  • We have disabled hotlinking on this site for JPG and JPEG images. This means people can't right click them and save them or try and download them. However someone can email your art listing to a friend. So it is recommended that you watermark the images that you upload here. Please see the Tips and Tricks page for help.
How do I report an ad?
  • If you want to report an ad, go to the ad listing and use the email to a friend feature but mailto:webmaster@houselavender instead, please tell us why you are reporting the ad, and leave a return email in case we need to contact you.

If you have a question that isn't answered here, contact the site administrator

Thank you from Art at House Lavender.

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