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How It Works

This site is set up so that anyone who joins can sell their art or advertise for an artist to do a commission. We have tried very hard to make it as simple as possible for everyone.

Photographs of your work should be watermarked to prevent theft by evil sneaky people, so it is recommended that your image format is JPG or JPEG, as hotlinking of these formats is not allowed. Please refer to the Tips and Tricks page for help in this area.

Ads can be posted for up to 365 days. After the time listed expires (you specify this when you post an ad), an ad becomes inactive. All the information is still there, but it is not visible to the public. You can make an ad active or inactive whenever you want.

A potential buyer can respond to your ad. The email is sent through our site. Your email is not exposed to the customer.

When someone responds to your ad an email is sent to you. This allows you to interact with the customer. If that person then decides to purchase your work, the email you send to that person can contain the link to your paypal button if you so choose. 


If you would like to accept payments for your items through PayPal or other payment gateway on Art at House Lavender please visit Accepting Payments to learn more.

Thank you from Art at House Lavender.

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