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Tips And Tricks

Photo Tips

  Please watermark the photos that you upload to this site. There are many different ways of providing image protection, but there are also ways around all of them, so it's best to go that extra mile and place a watermark on your photos. There are many programs that can help: PhotoShop ($), Ulead PhotoImpact ($), Gimp (free), Faststone Photo Resizer (free), yes, even Windows Paint (free with Windows). These are just some of our recommendations.

  Make sure your photos are 4MB or under. People should be able to see your work, but it shouldn't take an hour for your ad to load, so keep file size in mind when uploading a photo. Again the recommended programs above can help you shrink your photo file size without shrinking the dimensions of the photo.

 You can upload up to 5 photos per ad. So you should be able to show your work from all sides if necessary, if it's a sculpture for instance, or you could show a detail of a painting or 2 dimensional work.

  Make sure you give a good representation of the work, you don't need to be a professional photographer to take a great picture of your work. Your work should be photographed head on.

  If you take a picture of a painting on an easel, the top of the painting is farther away from you than the bottom...Hang it up and try it that way.

  Natural light works best, but be careful of glare and shadow and avoid using a flash like the plague!

Your Title

  The title of your ad should be the title of your work. Don't leave it blank, even if you have to call it Untitled Work #2, you should put something there. You have 50 characters to do so.


  This should describe the art work: include the dimensions of the work and what media is used if you are listing art, and should describe the project if you are advertising for an artist to do work for you. Be as descriptive as you can, but reasonably concise as you are only allowed 500 characters.


  You must list a price for your item. No price available upon request on this site. Who needs 800 emails a day asking you how much something is? If you are advertising for an artist put down how much you are willing to spend.


 If there is somewhere else online that this item is advertised, or if you have your own website, use that URL when you are asked during ad placement.

Pass It On

  Tell your friends where they can see your work...pass it on. We do submit regularly to search engines, but if you don't tell your friends and clients, they won't know when you have something new to offer.

Thank you from Art at House Lavender.

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